I’m a blonde, white female from rural Pennsylvania. Think you have me figured out already? So do most people. 
But I’m no Trump-supporting, pumpkin-spice-latte-guzzling, Taylor-Swift-apologizing, talk-about-how-great-Coachella-was woman.

I’m a badass college sports lover with a knack for elegant design and a mouth fit for a sailor.
I don’t have expensive tattoos from BANG BANG, but I do have two different colored eyes – I got those for free.
I’ve got a work ethic that comes with its own lunch pail, and a touch light enough for an account guy.

Not sure what to make of me? Good. Let’s talk.



Creative (Art) @ Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness • NOW
Sr Art Director @ POSSIBLE NY • 2018-2018
Art Director @ Publicis New York • 2014-2018
JR AD/Art Director @ Some Place Where My Dreams Almost Died • 2013-2014



D&AD Impact Shortlist • 2018
LIA Conference • 
Creative LIAsons Publicis Representative • 2016



I'm always up for a little collaboration – or if you just need an ear to scream into, I'm your girl.
caseyglidden@gmail.com  •  linkedin  •  @caseglidd  •  6073493122